Service de collecte de compost Compost Collection Service

Special Events


Sure, we provide organic waste collection service for events such as conferences, festivals, picnics and galas - we’ve been doing it for years. And now we can help make your event even more sustainable and be sure you get recognized for your effort.

With an easy consultation process and a custom selection of compostable dishware, cups and cutlery, Compost Montréal provides all the tools you need to make your event zero-waste! We can provide your organization with a certificate that recognizes the social and environmental benefits of your effort, and even offer a tailored on-site presence during your event if you would like to draw more attention to the sustainable choices you have made

We can also provide your event with waste sorting stations, which allow participants to make sure that everything goes to the right place! Velcro attachments allow samples to be affixed to each sign, clearly distinguishing compostable items from recyclable items and garbage!


These sorting stations dramatically increase the results of eco-responsible events, helping to raise consciousness and make it apparent to all involved that a real effort is being made. Just be sure to reserve the number of stations you will need when you get in touch with us to schedule your event!

To get a service quote for your event, please first provide us with some important information by filling out the form below. We will follow up with you shortly - generally within the next 48 hours.