Service de collecte de compost Compost Collection Service

Weekly Collection - basic rates

Length of ServicePrice (plus tax)
1 Month  $32.50
1 Month*$36.83
3 Months $97.50
3 Months* $110.50

*1.00$ per week will contribute to the creation of a new compost site!



Buckets >> See photosPrice (plus tax)

15L Bucket (standard)
 7L Bucket
 45L Bucket
 Cable & Lock

Payment Methods

Option 1: Online PaymentOption 2: By MailOption 3: By Mail
You can pay online by credit card via the invoice we send to you by email.
Please leave your cheque taped under the lid of your bucket in a ''ziploc'' bag (or other water proof bag) the night of collection, this way it will remain safe and dry!*Please mail your cheque or money order to Compost Montreal's office: 
209A rue Maria
Montreal, QC 
H4C 2N9 

* PLEASE address your cheque to Compost Montreal and clearly write on it the name and the address where the compost is picked up. Thank you.

One-Time Collection

Our clients sometimes have special circumstances in which there is too much compost to fit in a usual residential bin. We can help! If you have a LOT of compostable material (from an event, a special project with lots of sawdust or leaves, etc.), we can haul it away for you. Prices vary so please contact us for more information.