Service de collecte de compost Compost Collection Service


Compost Montréal was founded in 2007 as a social-purpose business that provides organic waste collection service and support to residents, community groups, businesses and institutions on the Island of Montréal. The business was born on the back of a bicycle, with the week’s kitchen scraps from 20 households in St-Henri filling an improvised trailer to the brim. In early 2008, the Department of Parks and Horticulture of the SouthWest borough welcomed Compost Montreal to bring the organic waste to the borough’s very own compost site - the only one like it on the entire Island of Montreal.

Over the years, Compost Montreal has grown into a true social enterprise, emphasizing and fulfilling its commitment to maximizing social and environmental benefit, a commitment which is as strong as ever and manifests itself in a variety of ways. These are, most notably: our focus on running a carbon-negative organization; the positive environment we provide to many good people who may otherwise have had difficulty finding such an encouraging workplace experience; our goal of achieving a truly sustainable and closed-loop waste management; and our insistence that such a system must be linked directly back to agriculture.

Ultimately, food-production and waste management are inextricably linked systems; we can (and have tried) to pretend that they are separate, but if we are to achieve sustainability as a society, we must change the way we grow, the way we eat, and the way we waste. For this to happen, we must first change the way we think. As a partner in the City of Montréal’s strategic plan for sustainable development, Compost Montréal works to restore a healthy local food system by ‘closing the loop’ - re-connecting organic waste management to the growing of new food. To this end, Compost Montréal also works to promote awareness of responsible waste management solutions such as composting and the social and environmental benefits these solutions provide, such as reducing desertification and water eutrophication, and by slowing climate change.

Compost Montréal has begun to offer its insights on sustainable waste management practices to the administration of the City of Montreal - the core of which has presently to do with the treatment facilities that we build and the techniques that we use in order to try to valorise the organic material that will be collected increasingly over the next few years. By continually increasing collection of organic waste and using it in order to build new soil, Compost Montreal seek to help the City of Montréal, its individual boroughs - and the Province of Québec itself - reach and even surpass waste reduction goals, restore its contaminated soils, increase urban agricultural activity, and achieve long-term sustainability.

We also offer development and support to various composting initiatives and operations, and offer a range of plant-based compostable products to allow businesses and institutions to further reduce their waste. Whether you want the organic waste from your office to be turned into compost, represent a business, institution or administration that wants to improve its environmental impact, or want to contribute to a city that embraces responsible waste management, restores its soils and grows more of its own food, we can help.