Service de collecte de compost Compost Collection Service

Commercial Service



Compost Montreal serves all types of businesses, organizations, and institutions. The service is modeled according to your needs and includes any or all of the following:

Weekly compost collection 

- We pick up your compost at your back door, on the side walk or at your loading dock and we transport it to the treatment site.

- We provide bins (sized to your volume & needs), bags to line them, and posters/training as necessary. We can even offer a training session for your employees if necessary.

- We provide bins (sized to your volume & needs), bags to line them, and posters/training as necessary. Fill out this form to get a quote.

Weekly or on call used vegetable oil collection

- We pick up your used oil at your back door or loading dock.

- Based on the quantity and quality of the oil, we can offer a credit for the compost collection or  pay you for the used vegetable oil. Please contact us for more information.


Commercial collection prices vary according to volume, location, and your specific needs. Fill out this form to get a quote or  contact us to find out more!


1. Your business or organizations becomes a leader in responsible waste management.

2. You impress clients and employees with your resource consciousness and efficiency.

3. You are connected to some really great and like-minded organizations, businesses, and people.

4. There are less greenhouse gases because of you and emptier landfills.

5.You are generating composting awareness.

6. You are actively contributing to the strength of the local economy and the health of the city.

7. Your trash can and is lighter and dryer, and smells better.

8. You sleep better at night knowing your organic waste is turning into rich soil rather than becoming someone else’s problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I compost? 

Q. How often do you collect compost?

A. Normally once but sometimes twice a week depending on logistics.  We have all kinds of clients, from very small volumes of organic waste to very high volumes.