Service de collecte de compost Compost Collection Service


Founded in 2007, Compost Montréal is a social-purpose business that provides organic waste collection service and support to residents, businesses and institutions on the Island of Montréal. As a partner in the City of Montréal’s strategic plan for sustainable development, Compost Montréal works to restore a healthy local food system by ‘closing the loop’ - re-connecting organic waste management to the growing of new food. To this end, Compost Montréal also works to promote awareness of responsible waste management solutions such as composting and the social and environmental benefits these solutions provide, such as reducing desertification and slowing climate change.

Compost Montréal also offers development and support to various composting techniques and facilities, and offers a range of plant-based compostable products to allow businesses and institutions to further reduce their waste. By continually increasing collection of organic waste in order to build new soil , we seek to help the City of Montréal, its individual boroughs - and the Province of Québec itself - reach and even surpass waste reduction goals, increase urban agricultural activity, and achieve long-term sustainability .

Whether you want the organic waste from your home to be turned into compost, represent a business, institution or administration that wants to improve its environmental impact, or want to contribute to a city that embraces responsible waste management and grows more of its own food, we can help.